Advanced Roofing Systems

  A Superior Technology Complete Solution Waterproofing System for the Thermal and Moisture Protection for the Building Roofs. Integrated complete system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof. PU Foam system forms joint free waterproofing and also provide thermal insulation which is fully bonded to the roof slab. This system provides applicator’s Guarantee of 25 years against any leakage. The system meets all latest thermal insulation standards and regulations in UAE, and Middle East.

Spray application and fast curing makes this system very economical and time saving. It is accepted by all major property developers, consultants and contractors. Combo Roof system is an assured solution for your roof.

  Membrane waterproofing is the oldest and trusted waterproofing system being used from ages to protect our structures from moisture.

Membrane is a mixture of bitumen and polymers.

In Seal Well we use high quality and durable bitumen membranes from the best manufactures from middle east and other countries.

We select the membrane as per the requirement of the structure and area of application.

We have a wide variety of bitumen membranes as per requirement:

  • 1. App membranes
  • 2. SBS membranes
  • 3. CLM membranes

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing

Polyurea Coating Systems

  Polyurea is an organic polymer that is the reaction of isocyanate with an amine terminated polyether resin, forming a plastic-like or rubber-like compound.

Polyurea’s major benefit is its fast set nature. It can typically return an area to service many times faster than traditional coatings, allowing the owner to put the facility back in use without days or weeks of revenue losing down-time.

Downtime for maintenance and coatings on water tanks, wastewater clarifiers, parking garages, and chemical storage tanks cost the facility owner a great deal of money since these areas must be taken out of service while other coatings are applied and drying. Almost no coating can compare to polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties. Polyureas can be formulated to achieve a tremendous range of properties — from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft, depending on the client's requirement

  Seal Well offers a wide range of liquid applied waterproofing membrane systems to suit your waterproofing requirements for substructure, wet areas, roof, balconies, water tanks etc.

Each system offer it's own unique advantages, as liquid applied membrane are cold applied , this system is very safe in application and can be applied in areas having small and odd sizes.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Metal Roof Waterproofing System

  Seal Well metal roof waterproofing system is an advanced and reliable waterproofing and heat insulation system for your factories, warehouses, and workshops.

It is formed in site with mobile spraying plants. Sprayed polyurethane system provides a highly effective heat insulation and seamless sealing. It does not increases the load on the metal roof but provide a cent percent protection from heat and moisture.

As sprayed polyurethane is not UV resistant , special coating is done on the top of sprayed foam to protect it from the sunlight and to increase the life of system.

  As a complete provider of insulation system Seal Well offers a wide variety of Extruded polystyrene/ Polyisocyanurate (PIR) sheets varying of different thickness and density according to your thermal insulation needs.

In Seal Well our experts will guide you in choosing the best insulation material according to your project needs.

Thermal Insulation Works

Light Weight Foam Concrete Works

  Light weight foam concrete is a slurry containing Cement, water and air bubbles generated from a pump using special foaming agents, as it contains air it is very light in weight as compared to normal sand cement screed which reduces the load on your structure, having very good thermal resistance property making it the best solution for your Roof slope needs.

Seal Well offers light weight foam concrete in a density ranging from 500-800 kg/m3 suitable for all your roof requirements.

  Seal Well offers a wide variety of polyurethane injection system to stop the leakage in basement structures, water tanks and other water retaining structures. In this system polyurethane foam injection chemical is injected to the cracks in the structures by drilling a hole in the effected area and inserting an injection packer in the drilled hole.

The packer is tightened mechanically to withstand the pressure of injection fluid while injection process is going. The packer is connected to the injection machine hose using a coupler, injection fluid is injected to the packers by using special injection machines.

P.U Injection / Repair Systems

GRP Lining Systems

  GRP Lining system is a combination of General purpose /Chemical resistant Vinylester resin , fiberglass chopped strand mat reinforcement and gel coats.

It provides a strong impermeable and durable lining that protects steel and concrete from corrosive attack. This lining system has excellent adhesion to metals, concrete, wood and PVC. It is unique as entire lined area behaves as a Monolithic structure.

GRP systems offered a broad range of available resins in conjunction with various method of application, GRP Lining system is normally serviceable up to 80°C in continuous immersion service and upto 95°C for intermittent exposures.

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