P.U Injection / Repair Systems

  Seal Well offers a wide variety of polyurethane injection system to stop the leakage in basement structures, water tanks and other water retaining structures. In this system polyurethane foam injection chemical is injected to the cracks in the structures by drilling a hole in the effected area and inserting an injection packer in the drilled hole.

The packer is tightened mechanically to withstand the pressure of injection fluid while injection process is going. The packer is connected to the injection machine hose using a coupler, injection fluid is injected to the packers by using special injection machines.

The pressure of the machine is adjusted according to the requirement of site. Polyurethane injection fluids expands and become harder once get contacted with water, closing the open capillaries in the affected areas.


  • 1. Less time consuming
  • 2. Cost effective
  • 3. Stops running water leakages


  • 1. To stop basement leakages
  • 2. Water Tank and water retaining structure leakages

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