GRP Lining Systems

  GRP Lining system is a combination of General purpose /Chemical resistant Vinylester resin , fiberglass chopped strand mat reinforcement and gel coats.

It provides a strong impermeable and durable lining that protects steel and concrete from corrosive attack. This lining system has excellent adhesion to metals, concrete, wood and PVC. It is unique as entire lined area behaves as a Monolithic structure.

GRP systems offered a broad range of available resins in conjunction with various method of application, GRP Lining system is normally serviceable up to 80°C in continuous immersion service and upto 95°C for intermittent exposures.

Seal Well offers both Chemical and non –chemical resistance GRP lining systems from 3-7 mm system thickness.

General Uses:

  • 1. Water tanks
  • 2. Man Holes
  • 3. Sewerage Treatment plants.
  • 3. Fibre Glass Caravans etc

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