Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing

  Membrane waterproofing is the oldest and trusted waterproofing system being used from ages to protect our structures from moisture.

Membrane is a mixture of bitumen and polymers.

In Seal Well we use high quality and durable bitumen membranes from the best manufactures from middle east and other countries.

We select the membrane as per the requirement of the structure and area of application.

We have a wide variety of bitumen membranes as per requirement:

  • 1. App membranes
  • 2. SBS membranes
  • 3. CLM membranes
  • 4. Double reinforced membranes
  • 5. Self Adhesive membranes
  • 6. Anti root bitumen membranes

In accordance to the specifications and requirements these membrane can be applied to following areas:

  • 1. Substructure
  • 2. Wet Area
  • 3. Landscape Area
  • 4. Roof Area

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